Love is a Verb

Our love is perfectly imperfect

We, perfect opposites

Maybe not what they call a match made in heaven

But clichés never worked with us, did they?

In life, there are many important choices

You are what I chose


I met you in a tree

You, high above me

Shining example of masculinity

I had to catch you

Pull your gorgeous body down to earth

where I could map your terrain

But, you were as hard to catch as an ember

Though an easy fire ignited between us

A slow burn that lingered at the back of my mind

Golden flames licked

and we consumed each other


Was it fate?

We fell right in to place

puzzle-piece precise

We were infected, but we said it wasn’t serious

It doesn’t really get complicated

until lives become intertwined

Now, our roots are tangled together in the mud

Trunks combine where we’ve needed to lean on each other

We’ve branched out and branched again

Always reaching for Heaven


It may be you saved my soul

I was adrift. Floating in a sea of misinformation

With you my eyes are open.

And maybe I saved your heart

Lone tender of the lighthouse

High above it all

Warning of the dangers of the world

Your lonely brightness called my name

A beacon for me to follow home


I was a rolling wave looking for a rock

You, the only one who could tame me

Because I was wild at heart

Feral in relationships

I bucked every cage that every man had ever tried to put me in

Always clinging fiercely, but not for life


You taught me to hold loosely

And to let go

Let go, though it undid me

Yet, I learned

you are not so much a balloon untethered

as a jellyfish with navigational powers

You are not something that can be lead upon a string;

a kite ready to tear free and give itself to the wind

or a big fish struggling to break the line and swim away from me

You are more like another planetary body orbiting the same sun

just on a slightly different trajectory


Loving you has taught me patience

That waiting need not equal torture

That everything really will be alright


That I am stronger than I thought I was

More substantial than the ether I sailed for so long

It proved to me that love is a verb

Forever is a choice

That you are the one for me because we make it so


You are still my Adonis, high above me

But, with feet rooted in the rich soil of our beautiful life

Strong arms protecting tender sprouts

And our love is growing. Always growing

Perfectly imperfect


A beacon that guides me home