Lessons from My Father

You taught me to drive

on a 3-speed stick-shift V-8 pick-up, no less

You taught me to appreciate

coffee and early morning quiet

and the importance of trust

You taught me patience and kindness

All of these lessons that have shaped me


You’re still my super hero

the way a dad should be

You don’t have to save the world

you hang clotheslines

and your granddaughter’s swings

Your super power is always being there

whenever I’ve needed you


You left on your bike every morning

but came home for every dinner

You never missed a big event

or a small victory

Your consistency was a priceless gift

that only now I can fully appreciate


I know now what strength patience requires

I know now the inability of strong arms

to protect a little girls from scraped knees

How a heart can break in proxy

when she loses a much-loved pet

I know the uselessness of prayers

to protect from the ever-ticking hands of Father Time


When I hold my girls through their tears

I remember you holding me

in your lap in the pink rocker

so many times

I remember encouraging words

and listening ears

when I was in doubt

I try to be the parent you were

when I’m at the end of my rope


You are the person who taught me

what unconditional love and acceptance feel like

For every lesson, I am thankful