in the infinitesimal space

between neurons

firing and misfiring

lives the tiniest glimmer of hope

that our love was made

of precious metals

alchemical magical solids

not pixie dust and wishes

floating in the ether

where I am searching

without a compass



in the black expanse

of my mind

where we are stars

you, expanding, consuming

sucking my light into your void

where I am angelic

with wings rubbed raw

all the dust washed away

my dreams left skeletal

I am searching

between the near and far

within the known and unknown



in the infinite moment

before sunrise

I stand on the horizon line

seeking tomorrow

behind the shadows

the promise of light

hanging heavy in my heart

but my eyes are searching

between the day and night

between the cracks in the sidewalk



in the here and now

bodies rolling together

skin touches skin

like ocean meets sky

above you

light as air

warm as sunshine

you are roiling deep

and I am searching

behind your eyes

I am searching

without a compass


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