It’s a kaleidoscope

Twist  Bang

and something sparkles


It’s a 10,000 piece jigsaw puzzle

each piece only fits each piece


It’s rubbing off old skin

and leaving it behind

so we can see each other in the light


It’s a road trip

It’s the quiet ride back home

after a long vacation

It’s only 10 more miles


It’s arms and legs

that can’t let go

Mornings that last

until you’re 2 minutes

too late

And it’s squirming in your seat

until the day is done


It’s a rainbow in your sprinkler

Shooting star

Keep your eyes wide open –

you only get so many wishes


It’s the biggest fish you can’t catch


And only ever-after


When you’re using your fingertips

to write the words

on sweat-wet slick skin

in the sunrise


It’s slow moving honey

Sweet and clinging



It’s unwritten plays

waiting to be blocked in bed


It’s forgetting disappointments

ignoring warnings

and giving the finger to heartbreak


It’s the green light of Spring through the trees

The warm of Summer on your face

The first smell of Fall creeping in

It’s being curled up in a flannel blanket

in front of a bonfire

at a Winter solstice festival


It’s a gospel choir –

breaks your heart

in the high notes


It’s not you

It’s not me

It might be us


It’s a daydream you don’t dare call a plan


It’s on the tip of your tongue


It’s Scrabble

without a dictionary

and only 8 letters

3 words

and 1


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