If I tell you the secret

If I tell you the secret

Open my chest and show you the raw inside

Invite you in, withholding nothing

Serving myself, let you eat from my hands


If I can tell you with my eyes wide open

staring straight into yours

earthy browns that keeps me grounded

lest I float off on my daydream

or my body break apart in trembles

Molecules of me jumping away


If I am brave enough to place

the treasure-pieces of me in your care

Surrender to your tender arms my begging body

hoping it will teach them to hold tight


If I give you the pages of my unwritten fairy tale

Fill quills with liquid-gold

Learn to write with you a language

we will both understand


If I am asking of you nothing in exchange

Knowing there is no currency precious

or rare enough to trade

Filling your pockets with trinkets

that I have collected on my way

in hopes they help

to weigh you for the fall


If I tell you from the edge

From feet that are sure

Tell you, you don’t have to catch me

I love to fly

If I tell you, “you’ll love flying”

If I give you my hand

and I look in your eyes

and I tell you all of my secrets


Will you jump?


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