I Believe in Forever

I believe in soul mates

I believe in the definite possibility

of reincarnation

Because I know I’ve known you before

I believe in love at first sight

Two souls recognizing each other

across the infinity

Remembering when we were one

and in that oneness

you were me

and I was everything

and I was you

and you were everything

I believe in firsts

First smile

First kiss

First moment of true bliss

But I don’t believe in lasts

I believe in bodies becoming one

Limbs that tangle

and slip into each other

I believe in the memory of touch

Scars that can only be felt

I believe that souls can be tethered

That I am a fly

caught in your web

and I am the spider

I’ve felt your vibrations over the ocean

I believe in the ever-after

That I could wait 1000 years

Your softest lips will kiss me awake

I believe in dreams

When I am with you

in deepest sleep

I believe that you’re with me

I believe in love

In so many kinds of love

I believe in a love that defies time & space

In the non-physical

when we are stars

In the rocks and the trees

Streams that flow to the sea

Like a moth follows the moon

and the intoxicating perfume of a flower

and the star-dust pheromones

dripping off your wings

A bread crumb trail I follow

to your heart

I believe in meant-to-be

and that it doesn’t always work out that way

But I believe in next time

and the time after that

I believe in forever


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